About Dundoc

An online tool for game developers to start and develop a game idea while collaborating with their team of artists, designers, developers, etc. to contribute to the evolution of the idea.

Dundoc is a place where game designers and developers can build and manage multiple game design documents (GDD) or game design idea projects. The purpose of Dundoc is to replace the standard method of building a game design document using word processing programs and start building the game design using an application that can tranlate your game data into a more transportable format. For the most part, each section of your document is essentially the same and requires similar data such as content, images, videos, bullets points, etc. Once you have these in a word process document, you cannot make that content interactive. What Dundoc has allowed you to do is create your document in one place and you can present your game idea project document as an interactive website (optional public) or a printable document.

Sample public interactive project game document:

Run For Your Life: Zuri - Dundoc Public Webiste

A game design document is the blueprint from which a game should be built. The internal organs of the game, the intricate parts of what the game idea entails is the key to creating the game. How those ideas are brainstromed and managed can either make or destroy the game project entirely. But to effectively plan the game and continue to build on initial ideas is what makes the game prosper.

Not only is managing the ideas of the game important, but also managing a team of people become even more pivitol to the success of the game production. The larger the team and the longer the design and development cycle, the more critical the need can increasingly becomes.

Our goal is to change the way game developers and designers create game design documents when desiging their games. The problem is that in the world of mobile game development, anyone can create a game or an app but they don't have any idea where to start. Well, we've just created the first place in the world to design and develop a game design document as a web application. All you have to do is focus on the parts that really matter, the quality of your game idea.

We needed a place where we could have collaborative input from other people that may be a part of a company or team. No need to search thousands of shared document online when you can start here and have a design document up and running in a matter of minutes. We don't intend to make the game for you, only to provide a quick way to start the process without giving much thought. All game design documents built here will evolve with your idea. Time to stop the frustration of searching for the perfect design document and start focusing on your game idea and bringing it to life!